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שמי יניב מושקוביץ

Medical Equipment

Professional linguistic Services for medical professionals

Linguistic services for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers.

Manufacturing medicinal products and medical devices requires ingenuity and creativity, but just as important - these products need the most accurate and professional package inserts and educational materials for healthcare providers and consumers.

Not only do such written materials need to be translated consistently and accurately using the right terminology, they should also be adapted to their target audience, be it medical professionals or lay consumers. Whether you have in-house linguists or outsource your translation tasks to translation providers, you need a professional to monitor the process and save you unnecessary expenses.

Targamatibia is dedicated to providing high quality services to companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more:

  • Content writing: writing top-quality professional content about your services and products using the right keywords

  • Translation and editing: be it marketing materials, brochures, and any other patient- or consumer-facing materials, we will make sure you get top-notch translated and edited materials

  • In-house linguist recruitment: creating an effective recruitment process based on clear standards [more information is available here]

  • Professinal training: creating and administrating professional training sessions to your staff on CAT tools and translation methods

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