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שמי יניב מושקוביץ

Medical Equipment

Professional linguistic Services for medical professionals

Linguistic services for translation agencies.

Whether you are a new translation agency or a large translation company, Targamatibia offers you tailored services to streamline your work and make your recruitment process far more effective.

In today's translation industry, 'multitasking' is the name of the game; as a translation provider, you need to effectively assign the right projects to the right linguists, utilize a variety of CAT tools, choose the right project managers, screen and train the best linguists, and keep a budget. 

Targamatibia is dedicated to providing high quality services to translation agencies. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more:

  • Project management: splitting large projects between several linguists and consolidating their output

  • Linguist recruitment: creating an effective recruitment process based on clear standards [more information is available here]

  • Linguistic arbitration: resolving disagreement between linguists or between you and your client 

  • Professinal training: creating and administrating professional training sessions to your staff on CAT tools and translation methods

  • Translation and editing: taking on complicated or challenging projects

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